1.) How many hours and what types of classes am I required to attend?
Hip Hop Division:
          - 2 Hip Hop Classes and 1 tech class per week
          - 1 Weekly Rehearsal
          - Division level placement determines your rehearsal day and time.
Jazz Division: (Jazz, Contemporary, Modern and Lyrical)
         - 2 Ballet Classes, 1 Jazz Class and 1 Technique class per week.
         - Weekly Company Rehearsals
         - Division level placement determines your rehearsal days and times.
2.) Is attendance in every rehearsal mandatory?
Yes. The group division rehearsals must be attended in order to maintain the growth and integrity of all group dance routines.
3.) What are you looking for in a dancer?
We are seeking motivated and disciplined dancers between the ages of 5 and 19 years of age. Dancers can be at the beginner level but we prefer them to have a moderate to strong background in any of the dance forms, ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap.
1.) How will I be informed of my rehearsal schedule?
Rehearsals are the same each week based on the dancers level and division.    A monthly schedule will be posted and emailed out for members to view for the season.  Any changes to the schedule will be emailed. 
2.) How will I know when our performances and competitions will be held?
All company members receive a calendar of events for the season.
1.) How many competitions & performances will we attend in a normal season?
The company will attend no less than 3 to 5 competition events. And anywhere from 4-7 performances a year.
2.) Do you allow solos/duets/trios?
Yes. Dancers must let us know their interest in the beginning of the season and then must be approved by our Co Director Panel.
3.) Will I perform at every event?
Certain events will have the full company participate and others will be certain selected routines/divisions.
4.) What if I cannot attend an event due to a previously scheduled family or school functions?
An understudy will fill in and perform in your place. It is the dancers responsibility to provide his or her understudy with any and all costume items and accessories.
5.) Is it mandatory to stay at the host hotel for events?
No. You are welcome to stay at home or nearby as long as you arrive at the event on time. Staying at the host hotel has proven to be most convenient for comfort and preparedness but it is not required.
6.) What is the average cost of a convention/competition and when am I expected to make a payment?
Competitions alone will range from $45-$250 per dancer, which average about $45-$60 per dance.  Your competition cost will be determined by the number of dances you participate in. Payments are due no less than 40 days prior to each event.   Each dancer will be in a minimum of 2 routines per division for the season.  If you would like to be in more routines this can be notated on the routine limit form that is filled out in the beginning of the season.
7.) Will I get a chance to perform/compete my solo, duet or trio?
Yes. Convention/Competition events with a high entry limit will be selected for you to perform. We may select various ‘competition only’ events and dedicate them to soloists, duets and trios.
1.) What is the cost for membership in the company?
A monthly membership fee to cover all rehearsal costs from September to July: (As of 2018-2019 Season) Or members may pay in full for the season for a discounted rate.  These amounts are disclosed at our regular mandatory meeting held at the beginning of the season.
2.) When and how do I make my membership payment?
Membership fees are automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account on the 1st of each month for the 11 months we are in season. September-July.
3.) Do you offer scholarship assistance?
Scholarships are awarded to a limited number of dancers through the audition process. 
4.) Do we pay for our own costumes and makeup?
Yes. Each dancer is responsible for the purchase of their own costumes and makeup kits. The Xtreme directors, however, will handle each aspect of measuring, sizing and mass orders. You will be required to purchase one costume per dance.  This costume will be used for the whole season.
5.) What if I am registered for a competition/performance and there is an emergency which allows me not to attend?
For most group dances, an understudy will dance in your place. It is the dancers responsibility to provide his or her understudy with any and all costume items and accessories.  Dancer will be required to pay for the understudy to perform in their place for the dancer to keep their spot.  However, for any dances where an understudy is not available, the dance will be re-blocked and your fees will not be refunded nor credited to your account as the host events do not issue refunds to Xtreme.
6.) Is there a membership cancellation fee?
Yes. If the parent/dancer opts to dismiss themselves or their child from the company before the end of the season, a cancellation fee equal to two months of membership fees will be charged to your account. This fee will cover the necessary time and additional work needed to re-block and/or recast the dances your child have been performing in.
1.) What should I wear?
Jazz: For the technical portion of the audition, regular dance attire is not required, but recommended. Hair secured off the face and neck.
Hip Hop: Comfortable clothes; Sweatpants / Shorts, T-shirt, and Clean Gym Shoes
2.) My family will be out of town during the audition(s). Can I arrange to be seen on a different date?
Please contact us and we will setup an audition time that works during our directors class times based off your age and level.
3.) What is your audition process like?
Upon arrival, you will check-in, fill out an audition form, and be provided with an audition number to be worn during the adjudication process. Dancers will be allowed into the studio to begin their own warm up.  The audition will begin with multiple combinations in the styles of Hip Hop or Jazz Depending on whatever style you auditioned for. You do not have to prepare a solo, but must be prepared to improvise. After your combinations are taught, dancers will be called in front of the judges, in small groups, to perform the combinations a minimum of 2 times.
4.) Am I required to audition for all Divisions?
It is highly recommended but not required. Though you may not be a Hip Hop AND a Jazz dancer we highly suggest the audition for the experience and maybe a second look into that division.
5.) How and when will I know if I have been accepted to the company?
Each dancer and their parent(s) will be contacted via e-mail no less than 1 week after the audition date .
6.) If I am accepted is there a deadline to make my commitment?
Company rehearsals begin after Labor Day in September. By attending the first rehearsal we assume you have intentions to participate in the company.  However, we understand that participation in this company is a serious family commitment. If you need more time to discuss this with your family, you are welcome to do so.  If you need more time to decide we ask that you email us to let us know what your reservations are.
1.) When do rehearsals & company classes begin?
The season starts the first weekend after Labor Day.
2.) What is company class and why do we have it?
Company class is an important part of the Xtreme training program. This is where your directors have a chance to focus directly on the members of the company and their individual skills.  Company classes are not usually open to the public.
3.) How long is an average rehearsal?
Weekly rehearsals average from 1 to 2.5 hours. The length of your individual rehearsal will be determined by how many dances you are cast in or understudying and what division you are on.
4.) What happens if I miss a rehearsal?
We ask you to email our absent email: no less than 1 week prior to the date you will be missing. An understudy will stand in for you. You must contact your understudy and/or review the rehearsal footage and prove that you have caught up and learned your part in order to participate in the following rehearsal.
5.) What is an 'understudy', and what does the role require?
The role of an understudy is extremely important. Some dancers who have not been selected for a specific cast are chosen to ‘understudy’ and learn the dance. He or she must attend each rehearsal and participate in learning all choreography and staging. This dancer is responsible for making sure he/she is well aware of the choreography. In the event that a dancer in the cast is absent from a rehearsal or performance, this dancer will step in and rehearse or perform in place of the original cast member. In some cases, an understudy may permanently replace the original cast member.
6.) How do I let you know if my child will be absent?
If you are aware that you will be missing class for an important family or school function, it is imperative that you e-mail the directors well in advance (minimum 1 week prior), with the date he/she will be missing rehearsal and the reason why. In the event of an emergency – as sometimes, last-minute things happen, a phone call/text to the Xteme hotline 630-863-5678 will suffice, but an e-mail must follow the call. Email Address for absences is:
1.) What outside activities conflict with the Xtreme Dance Competitive program?
Any activity that will overlap with your dance training and rehearsal schedule is considered to be a conflict.
2.) How do I receive a copy of the rules and guidelines?
A company handbook is given to each member and parent at the pre-season mandatory meeting.
3.) If I have specific questions that need to be addressed that I cannot find the answer here, who do I contact?
For general inquires (if not addressed above), you are welcome to contact Xtreme directly.
If you have questions that need to be addressed please email: